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jingo n : an extreme bellicose nationalist [syn: chauvinist, jingoist, flag-waver, hundred-percenter, patrioteer] [also: jingoes (pl)]

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  1. One who supports policy favouring war.


  • Spare me all the outrage and "pseudo jingo stuff" about Iran's imprisonment of our troops, said Peter Hitchens in The Mail on Sunday. - Iran frees sailors, The Week, 7 April 2007, Issue 608, page 5.

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Jingo can refer to:
  • Jingoism, belligerent nationalism
  • Jingu of Japan (also Jingū or Jingō), a legendary empress of Japan, wife of Emperor Chūai, the 14th emperor of Japan
  • Jingo (novel), from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett
  • "Jingo", a song from rock group Santana's self-titled debut album Santana
  • Jingo, a town in eastern Kansas
  • Mr Jingo's Smile, a virtual nightclub from the Otherland series by Tad Williams
  • "By Jingo", a minced oath, a transparent euphemism for "by Jesus", from the 17th century.

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bigot, chauvin, chauvinist, doctrinaire, dogmatist, fanatic, flag waver, hard hat, hawk, hundred-percent American, hundred-percenter, illiberal, intolerant, jingoist, male chauvinist, militarist, nationalist, patriot, patrioteer, pig, racist, sexist, superpatriot, ultranationalist, war dog, war hawk, warmonger
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